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Looking Ahead: What Mozu Has in Store for 2016

By Kevin Sproles | December 22, 2015

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If you’re a Mozu client, you already know what an exciting year it’s been. Looking back on all our hard work and seeing its impact on the eCommerce landscape, 2015 has been a rewarding year. We’re growing, and fast. So are Mozu clients.

In 2015...

  • We grew to support over 60 live Mozu sites
  • Many of our clients saw record-breaking sales
  • During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, some “household name” retailers lost hours to site downtime, while Mozu clients experienced 100% availability
  • Our top notch product organization rapidly innovated new features to the platform, anticipating client needs and pivoting to confront new strategies

Our clients’ clear-cut growth and Mozu’s mounting success are a great reminder that, when you won’t accept limitations, there’s always room to improve. The old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” doesn’t apply to our business philosophy. For Volusion, Mozu, and now Material, it’s time to accelerate the changes that will drive unstoppable growth.

On Wednesday, December 16, I announced my return as CEO of Volusion, LLC. Former CEO Clay Olivier has been a great asset to the company. For 12 years he put his passion to work at Volusion, shaking up the eCommerce platform market. We’re grateful for his loyalty and confidence in our technology. True to form, Clay’s sticking with us as an active member of our Board of Directors.

So, what’s next?

Product innovation

We’ll invest in emerging technologies and captivate new clients with state-of-the-art solutions. With our suite of eCommerce platforms we can prop up entrepreneurs operating from a bedroom or a bullpen.

  • Mozu has transformed digital experiences for enterprises around the world, and the results are undeniable
  • Volusion’s SMB client roster—the origin of everything we do—is spreading faster than a new Star Wars trailer (okay, maybe not quite that fast). Volusion’s steadfast growth made Mozu and Material possible.
  • What’s Material? We saw a gap in services for young, individual or small-scale entrepreneurs. Material is a free eCommerce platform for anyone, and the buzz has landed across social media channels.

Business growth

This year we’ll focus more than ever on banding together. We’ll collaborate across departments as a unified creative force with unexpected new ideas, hard-driving marketing campaigns, and even higher sales. I fully expect 2016 to be bigger and better than ever—if we all survive the presidential election cycle.

Customer success

By listening to our clients’ evolving needs and bringing their input to bear in our strategy, we’ll remove all roadblocks to first-class customer experiences. For insight into some of our favorite 2015 client stories, check out our case studies.

With 2016 right around the corner, we’ve never been more confident in the future. I’m happy to be here in Austin every day with my team, thinking big and working toward our shared goal.

That is, to make Mozu, Volusion and Material the go-to suite of eCommerce platform solutions for businesses everywhere.

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