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High Resolution Storefront Graphics in Mozu

High Resolution Storefront Graphics in Mozu

By Brantley McMinn | October 24, 2015

Categories: Mozu Developers & Users

I find the old adage "you eat with your eyes first" holds true in virtually every decision you make, especially when you shop around for the latest gizmo or hottest fashion item. In today's age of high resolution displays, quality product imagery is a strong sign of a professional e-commerce business. Your catalog is one of your most important marketing assets and deserves some serious consideration on how get the best presentation on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices; however this expectation of quality imagery usually comes at a cost of large file size and bandwidth constraints which leads to poor site performance and bad user experiences that can cost you sales. That is why you should really consider how the graphics on your site are visually and technically presented to your customers.

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