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The Philosophy Behind the Mozu Theme Engine

The Philosophy Behind the Mozu Theme Engine

By James Zetlen | January 28, 2016

Categories: Mozu Developers & Users

Mozu’s theme engine has been one of the most powerful parts of our platform since its inception, and I don’t just say that because I made lots of it. The frontend and Digital Experience team here at Mozu has worked for years to strike the perfect balance between ease of use, flexibility, and maintainability. Some of our inventions, like Hypr and Hypr Live, have proven to be really powerful systems for making simple, SEO-friendly webpages that smoothly enhance until they behave like powerful Web apps. The organization and modularity in the Core Theme have made it easy to navigate between areas of functionality without losing your bearings, even as a novice to our system. Dozens of gorgeous experiences are built on the single codebase of the Mozu Core Theme, and you’d never know it to look at them or use them. Flexibility, we nailed.

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