The Commerce API interacts with the commerce entities of your tenant, including the products in your catalogs, your customer's accounts, active shopping carts and submitted orders, and the settings of each site in your tenant environment. Use the Commerce API to define and manage your commerce entities.

Resource Description
commerce/admin A collection of resources for administrating locations and locationTypes.

Use this resource to manage storefront shopping carts as shoppers add and remove items for purchase. Each time a shopper's cart is modified, the Carts resource updates the estimated total with any applicable discounts.

commerce/catalog A collection of resources related to catalogs and catalog management.

Use the Channels resource to manage the channels a company uses to create logical commercial business divisions based on region or types of sales, such as "US Online," "Amazon," or "EMEA Retail." All orders include a channel association that enables the company to perform financial reporting for each defined channel. Because channels are managed at the tenant level, you must associate all the tenant's sites with a channel. Sites that do not have a defined channel association cannot successfully submit orders.


Use the Channel Groups resource to manage groups of channels with common information.

commerce/customer A collection of resources related to customers and customer account management.

Use the Customer In-Stock Notification Subscription resource to manage the subscriptions customer accounts use to send product notifications. This resource can send a notification when a product in a catalog returns to a site's active inventory after it is out of stock, or when a new product becomes available for the first time.


Use the Orders resource to manage all components of order processing, payment, and fulfillment.


Use the Returns resource to manage returned items that were previously fufilled. Returns can include any number of items associated with an original Kibo eCommerce order. Each return must either be associated with an original order or a product definition to represent each returned item.

Refer to the Returns API topic for more information about creating and processing returns using the API.

commerce/settings A collection of resources used to manage settings for sites, checkout, installed applications, locations, shipping, and general Mozu settings.
commerce/shipping A collection of resources for administrating shipping settings.

Use the Location resource to retrieve details about a location from a Kibo eCommerce hosted storefront.


Use the TargetRules resource to manage your target rules for products and zones. For example, you can set specific rules that dictate shipping options for specific products.


Use the Wish Lists resource to manage the shopper wish lists of products associated with a customer account. Although customer accounts are managed at the tenant level, the system stores shopper wish lists at the site level. This enables the same customer to have wish lists for each of a merchant's sites. Use the Wish List Items resource to manage items in a wish list.