Use the Cart Extended Properties subresource to store an arbitrary number of cart extended properties such as tracking strings, marketing sources, affiliates, sales personnel/data, and so on, on a per cart basis. Each cart may have none, one, or more than one entry in the extended properties collection, and all values in the extended properties collection are represented as strings. When you create an order from a cart, all extended properties are retained from the cart and copied to the order. Refer to the subresource for more information about order extended properties.

JSON Example

ExtendedProperty Properties

Property Description

type: string

Key used for metadata defined for objects, including extensible attributes, custom attributes associated with a shipping provider, and search synonyms definitions. This content may be user-defined depending on the object and usage.

For search synonym definitions, refer to Synonym Expansion Types for more information about the key usage.


type: string

The value of a property, used by numerous objects within Kibo eCommerce including facets, attributes, products, localized content, metadata, capabilities (Kibo eCommerce and third-party), location inventory adjustment, and more. The value may be a string, integer, or double. Validation may be run against the entered and saved values depending on the object type.


Operation Name Request URI Description
AddExtendedProperties POST current%2fextendedproperties

Adds one or more specified extended properties to the carts extended properties collection.

DeleteExtendedProperties DELETE current%2fextendedproperties

Deletes the extended properties cart extended properties collection.

DeleteExtendedProperty DELETE current%2fextendedproperties%2f%7bkey%7d

Deletes a specific extended property from the cart extended property collection.

GetExtendedProperties GET current%2fextendedproperties

Retrieves a list of cart extended properties specified in the request.

UpdateExtendedProperties PUT current%2fextendedproperties%3fupsert%3d%7bupsert%7d

Updates one or more details of the extended properties specified in the request.

UpdateExtendedProperty PUT current%2fextendedproperties%2f%7bkey%7d%3fupsert%3d%7bupsert%7d%26responseFields%3d%7bresponseFields%7d

Updates one or more details of the extended property specified in the request.