Type rules are subresources of product attributes which could be specifications that can be shared across products in a store or assigned to specific products. Attribute type rules provide definitions of how attribute types will appear on the user interface.

JSON Example

AttributeTypeRule Properties

Property Description

type: string

The data type of the attribute. There are four valid data types: "Bool", "DateTime", "Number", "String"


type: string

An attribute's data type would be either "NotSpecified", "Textbox", "Textarea", "Date", "DateTime", "Dropdown", "Listbox", "Radio", "Currency", or "Checkbox" and will be a valid value defined in the type rules resource.


type: string

Describes how an attribute will be used. Valid types are "Extra", "Option", and "Property".


type: string

An attribute value type is either predefined vocabulary by the admin during product attribute set up or it can be "AdminEntered" or "ShopperEntered". The difference between predefined values versus manually entered values is such that the first choice is a set of options to choose from. AdminEntered and ShopperEntered are values that are entered rather than system-supplied and are not stored in the database, but captured during a live commerce operations such as during an order.


Operation Name Request URI Description
GetAttributeTypeRules GET typerules%2f%3fstartIndex%3d%7bstartIndex%7d%26pageSize%3d%7bpageSize%7d%26sortBy%3d%7bsortBy%7d%26filter%3d%7bfilter%7d%26responseFields%3d%7bresponseFields%7d

Retrieves a list of attribute type rules according to optional filter criteria and sort options. Attribute type rules help drive the behavior of attributes on a storefront page.