Use the AssignedDiscounts resource to manage the discounts assigned to coupon sets.

JSON Example

AssignedDiscount Properties

Property Description

type: auditInfo

Basic audit info about the object, including date, time, and user account. This data may be captured when creating, updating, and removing data.


type: string

Identifier of the user that created the object. System created and read only.


type: DateTime

The date and time in UTC format set when the object was created.


type: string

Identifier of the user that updated the entity most recently.


type: DateTime

The date and time in UTC format the object was updated most recently.


type: string

The unique identifier of the coupon set.


type: int

The unique, system generated id. You can use this value to further identify the coupon set.

This value is ready only.


type: int

The unique identifier of the discount.


Operation Name Request URI Description
AssignDiscount POST %7bcouponSetCode%7d%2fassigneddiscounts

Assigns or associates an existing discount to a specified coupon set. Use the couponSetCode parameter to specify the coupon set.

GetAssignedDiscounts GET %7bcouponSetCode%7d%2fassigneddiscounts

Retrieves the discountIds of any assigned discounts for the specified coupon set.

UnAssignDiscount DELETE %7bcouponSetCode%7d%2fassigneddiscounts%2f%7bdiscountId%7d

Unassigns or disassociates the specified discount with the specified coupon set.