Deletes the specified category. Use the categoryId parameter to specify the category.


HTTP Request



Parameter NameDescription
categoryIdtype: int 

Unique identifier of the category to modify.

cascadeDeletetype: bool 

Specifies whether to also delete all subcategories associated with the specified category.

If you set this value is false, only the specified category is deleted.

The default value is false.

forceDeletetype: bool 

Specifies whether the category, and any associated subcategories, are deleted even if there are products that reference them.

The default value is false.

reassignToParenttype: bool 

Specifies whether any subcategories of the specified category are reassigned to the parent of the specified category.

This field only applies if the cascadeDelete parameter is false.

The default value is false.

Required Behaviors

  • Product Category Delete

Request Properties

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Response Properties

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