A collection of resources for managing storefront categories, price lists, products, product search, and shipping.


Resource Description

Use the Storefront Categories resource to view the product category hierarchy as it appears to shoppers who are browsing the storefront. The hierarchy can be returned as a flat list or as a category tree.


Retrieves the details of a price list. The details may contain a hierarchy of ancestor and/or descendant price lists dependening on your configuration.


Use the Storefront Products resource to manage the shopper product selection process during a visit to the web storefront. You can update product options as shoppers pick and choose their product choices. A shopper cannot add a product to a cart until all of its required options have been selected.


Use the Product Search resource to provide dynamic search results to shoppers as they browse and search for products on the web storefront, and to suggest possible search terms as the shopper enters text.


Use the Storefront Shipping resource to retrieve shipping rate information from the website.