Use the Customer Authentication Tickets resource to generate and refresh authentication tickets for customer accounts.

JSON Example

CustomerAuthTicket Properties

Property Description

type: string

Alphanumeric string used to authenticate the user in API request headers. The token stores an encrypted list of the application's configured behaviors and authenticates the application.


type: DateTime

The date and time the user access token expires. If the token will expire, a new token will need to be generated and assigned to the account to continue and restore access to the store, data, and account.


type: customerAccount

Properties of the customer account.


type: bool

Indicates if the customer account is opted to receive marketing materials. If true, the customer account is opted in for receiving the content.


type: list of customerAttribute

Collection of attributes that may be paged list or a list, depending on the usage per object and API type.


type: int

Unique identifier of the attribute definition.


type: string

Fully qualified name of the attribute for the order or customer.


type: list of object

List of value data for objects.


type: string

The entered company or organization name entered for a customer account.


type: string

The details of the customer set.


type: DateTime

This property tracks the customer account creation date. This date can be set manually via the API for customer accounts that are imported into Kibo eCommerce.


type: string

The email address for the customer account and contact. This email may be used for login to the storefront and for subscription mailing lists.


type: string

Unique identifier used by an external program to identify a Kibo eCommerce order, customer account, or wish list.


type: string

The full first name of a customer or contact name.


type: bool

Indicates if an external password is set on this account.


type: bool

Indicates if the object or feature is active.


type: bool

If true, this customer account represents an anonymous shopper.


type: bool

Indicates if a customer account and associated data is locked. If true, the user account is locked due to multiple failed authentication attempts. The user cannot login until the account is unlocked.


type: string

The full last name of a customer or contact name.


type: string

The two character locale code, per the country code provided. This code determines the localized content to use and display.


type: bool

If true, this customer account has tax exempt status.


type: string

The tax identification number associated with the customer account.


type: string

The user name associated with the user profile. The customer uses the user name to access the account.


type: string

Alphanumeric string used for access tokens. This token refreshes access for accounts by generating a new developer or application account authentication ticket after an access token expires.


type: DateTime

The date and time the developer account or application refresh token expires.


type: string

Unique identifier of the customer account (shopper or system user). System-supplied and read-only. If the shopper user is anonymous, the user ID represents a system-generated user ID string.


Operation Name Request URI Description
CreateAnonymousShopperAuthTicket GET anonymousshopper%3fresponseFields%3d%7bresponseFields%7d

Creates an authentication ticket for an anonymous shopper user.

CreateUserAuthTicket POST %3fresponseFields%3d%7bresponseFields%7d

Generates a new authentication ticket for a customer account.

RefreshUserAuthTicket PUT refresh%3frefreshToken%3d%7brefreshToken%7d%26responseFields%3d%7bresponseFields%7d

Refreshes an existing authentication ticket for a customer account by providing the refresh token string.