Use the Extended Properties resource to store tracking strings for your orders. Extended properties can help you track affiliate sources.

JSON Example

ExtendedProperty Properties

Property Description

type: string

Key used for metadata defined for objects, including extensible attributes, custom attributes associated with a shipping provider, and search synonyms definitions. This content may be user-defined depending on the object and usage.

For search synonym definitions, refer to Synonym Expansion Types for more information about the key usage.


type: string

The value of a property, used by numerous objects within Kibo eCommerce including facets, attributes, products, localized content, metadata, capabilities (Kibo eCommerce and third-party), location inventory adjustment, and more. The value may be a string, integer, or double. Validation may be run against the entered and saved values depending on the object type.


Operation Name Request URI Description
AddExtendedProperties POST %7borderId%7d%2fextendedproperties%3fupdatemode%3d%7bupdateMode%7d%26version%3d%7bversion%7d

Creates an extended property for the order.

DeleteExtendedProperties DELETE %7borderId%7d%2fextendedproperties%3fupdatemode%3d%7bupdateMode%7d%26version%3d%7bversion%7d

Deletes the extended property associated with the order.

DeleteExtendedProperty DELETE %7borderId%7d%2fextendedproperties%2f%7bkey%7d%3fupdatemode%3d%7bupdateMode%7d%26version%3d%7bversion%7d

Deletes one or more extended properties.

GetExtendedProperties GET %7borderId%7d%2fextendedproperties%3fdraft%3d%7bdraft%7d

Retrieves the extended property string associated with the order.

UpdateExtendedProperties PUT %7borderId%7d%2fextendedproperties%3fupdatemode%3d%7bupdateMode%7d%26version%3d%7bversion%7d%26upsert%3d%7bupsert%7d

Updates one or more extended properties.

UpdateExtendedProperty PUT %7borderId%7d%2fextendedproperties%2f%7bkey%7d%3fupdatemode%3d%7bupdateMode%7d%26version%3d%7bversion%7d%26upsert%3d%7bupsert%7d%26responseFields%3d%7bresponseFields%7d

Updates one ore more extended properties.