Use the taxable territories subresource to manage the regional territories for this site that are subejct to sales tax.

JSON Example

TaxableTerritory Properties

Property Description

type: string

The 2-letter geographic code representing the country for the physical or mailing address. Currently limited to the US.


type: bool

If true, all shipping charges for this territory are subject to sales tax.


type: string

State or Provice Code


Operation Name Request URI Description
AddTaxableTerritory POST taxableterritories%3fresponseFields%3d%7bresponseFields%7d

Creates a new territory for which to calculate sales tax.

GetTaxableTerritories GET taxableterritories

Retrieves a list of the taxable territories configured for the site.

UpdateTaxableTerritories PUT taxableterritories

Updates one or more taxable territories configured for a site.