Use the Content Publish Set resource to manage content publish sets and the pending content drafts.

You can use content publish sets to group pending content changes together and publish them all at the same time.

JSON Example

PublishSetSummary Properties

Property Description

type: int

The total number of associated items.


type: string

The unique identifier of the content publish set.


Operation Name Request URI Description
AddPublishSetItems PUT %7bcode%7d%2fitems%3fresponseFields%3d%7bresponseFields%7d

Adds a set of documents by id to a specified publish set.

DeletePublishSet POST %7bcode%7d%3fshouldDiscard%3d%7bshouldDiscard%7d%26responseFields%3d%7bresponseFields%7d

Deletes the specified content publish set. You can use the shouldDiscard parameter to specify whether to discard the content drafts assigned to the content publish set.

GetPublishSetItems GET %7bcode%7d%2fitems%3fpageSize%3d%7bpageSize%7d%26startIndex%3d%7bstartIndex%7d%26sortBy%3d%7bsortBy%7d%26filter%3d%7bfilter%7d%26responseFields%3d%7bresponseFields%7d

Retrieves a list of content publish sets and their properties.

GetPublishSets GET %3fpageSize%3d%7bpageSize%7d%26startIndex%3d%7bstartIndex%7d%26responseFields%3d%7bresponseFields%7d

Returns a list of content publish sets.