Events are notifications Kibo eCommerce publishes to the application when a create, read, update, or delete operation is performed. If the application subscribes to the event, you can use the Events resource to query for recent events Kibo eCommerce published to your application or events that were not published successfully.

JSON Example

EventNotification Properties

Property Description

type: string

The unique identifier of the API request associated with the event action, which might contain multiple actions.


type: string

The unique identifier of the entity that caused the event. For example, if the event is "product.created", the entity ID value represents the product code of the product that was created.


type: string

Unique identifier for the event.


type: list of eventExtendedProperty

Extended properties. Note: This is purposefully not a CollectionBase type wrapper so consumers start to get used to not having counts returned.


type: string

Key used for metadata defined for objects, including extensible attributes, custom attributes associated with a shipping provider, and search synonyms definitions. This content may be user-defined depending on the object and usage.

For search synonym definitions, refer to Synonym Expansion Types for more information about the key usage.


type: object

The value of a property, used by numerous objects within Kibo eCommerce including facets, attributes, products, localized content, metadata, capabilities (Kibo eCommerce and third-party), location inventory adjustment, and more. The value may be a string, integer, or double. Validation may be run against the entered and saved values depending on the object type.


type: bool

Indicates if the event is a test request or test entity. If true, the generated and captured event record was generated as a test request for an application.


type: DateTime

The date the event occurred.


type: string

The type of event that was performed, such as "product.created" or "category.deleted".


Operation Name Request URI Description
GetEvent GET %7beventId%7d%3fresponseFields%3d%7bresponseFields%7d

Retrieves an event by providing the event ID.

GetEvents GET %3fstartIndex%3d%7bstartIndex%7d%26pageSize%3d%7bpageSize%7d%26sortBy%3d%7bsortBy%7d%26filter%3d%7bfilter%7d%26responseFields%3d%7bresponseFields%7d

Retrieves a list of events.