REST API Reference


The Commerce API interacts with the commerce entities of your tenant, including the products in your catalogs, your customer's accounts, active shopping carts and submitted orders, and the settings of each site in your tenant environment. Use the Commerce API to define and manage your commerce entities.


The Content API acts a built-in Content Management System you can use to organize your site content into folders and document lists. Use the Content API to build applications that manage and organize your site content.


The Event API is used to subscribe to notifications when create, read, update, or delete operations are performed. If the application subscribes to the event, you can use the Events resource to query for recent events Kibo eCommerce published to your application or events that were not published successfully.


The Platform API lets you authenticate your applications and users, store entries your applications require in the Kibo eCommerce database, retrieve lists of events, and retrieve information about your tenant environment as well as important reference data built into Mozu.