Use the Admin User authentication tickets resource to generate and refresh authentication tickets that enable Kibo eCommerce administrator or developer account users to access development or production tenants.

JSON Example

TenantAdminUserAuthTicket Properties

Property Description

type: string

Alphanumeric string used for access tokens. This token refreshes access for accounts by generating a new developer or application account authentication ticket after an access token expires.


Operation Name Request URI Description
CreateUserAuthTicket POST tenants%3ftenantId%3d%7btenantId%7d%26responseFields%3d%7bresponseFields%7d

Creates an authentication ticket for the supplied user to specify in API requests associated with the supplied tenant.

DeleteUserAuthTicket DELETE %3frefreshToken%3d%7brefreshToken%7d

Deletes the authentication ticket for the user by supplying the refresh token.

RefreshAuthTicket PUT tenants%3ftenantId%3d%7btenantId%7d%26responseFields%3d%7bresponseFields%7d

Generates a new user authentication ticket for the specified tenant by supplying the user's existing refresh token information.