Line Item Pricing API Mappings

In Admin, when you view an order, you can view the specific pricing details for each line item in the order, including spreaded order level pricing, such as manual order level adjustments, discounts, tax, and shipping.

Refer to Line Item Pricing Details for more information about line item pricing details.

Kibo eCommerce maps each field in the line item pricing details in Admin to a corresponding property in the Kibo eCommerce API. Refer to the following tables for the mappings between line item level pricing details and order level pricing details, respectively.

The corresponding Kibo eCommerce API resource for all mapped properties is: commerce/orders

Line Item Level Pricing Mappings

The following table maps each line item pricing field in Admin to its corresponding Kibo eCommerce API property.

Admin Field Kibo eCommerce API Property
Base price of line item Order.items.UnitPrice (listAmount or saleAmount) - Order.items.product.bundledProducts.deltaPrice (The sum of the order price)
Manual adjustment on base price Order.items.UnitPrice.overrideAmount
Extras Order.items.product.bundledProducts.deltaPrice
Quantity Order.items.quantity
Weighted order adjustment Order.item.weightedOrderAdjustment
Weighted order discount Order.item.weightedOrderDiscountNote:  This property only stores the discount's value. stores the discount's name.
Adjusted line item subtotal Order.item.adjustedLineItemSubtotal
Line item tax Order.item.itemTaxTotal or
Line item total Order.item.totalWithoutWeightedShippingandHandling
Weighted order shipping fee Order.item.weightedOrderShipping
Weighted order shipping discount Order.item.weightedOrderShippingDiscount
Line item shipping fee Order.item.ShippingAmountBeforeDiscountAndAdjustments
Line item shipping discount (id, name, and amount)
Shipping tax Order.item.shippingTax
Line item order handling fee Order.item.handlingAmount
Weighted order handling fee Order.item.weightedOrderHandlingFee
Handling tax Order.item.weightedOrderHandlingFeeTax
Weighted order handling discount Order.item.weightedOrderHandlingFeeDiscount
Weighted order duty Order.item.weightedOrderDuty
Line item total w/ shipping & handling Order.item.totalWithWeightedShippingandHandling

Order Level Pricing Mappings

The following table maps each order level pricing field in Admin to its corresponding Kibo eCommerce API property.

Admin Field Kibo eCommerce API Property
Order adjustments Sum of all manual adjustments + all order discounts. Order discounts is a calculated value of all order level discounts.
Manual adjustment Order.adjustment
Order discounts Order.orderDiscounts (id, name, and amount)
Order subtotal Order.lineItemSubtotalsWithOrderAdjustments
Order shipping fees Order.shippingAmountBeforeDiscountsAndAdjustments
Order shipping discounts Order.shippingDiscounts
Order handling fees Order.handlingSubtotal
Order handling discounts Order.handlingDiscounts
Shipping tax Order.shippingTaxTotal
Handling tax Order.handlingTaxTotal
Order tax Order.itemTaxTotal
Duty Order.dutyTotal
Shipping Sum of order shipping fees + order shipping discounts + line item shipping fees + line item shipping discounts
Handling Sum of order handling fees + order handling discounts + line item handling fees + line item handling discounts
Tax Sum of order tax + shipping tax + handling tax + duty
Order total