Catalogs Template

The Catalogs template for the import/export tools is the largest of the import/export template files, and is likely the one you will use the most. Together, the sheets of the Catalogs template represent your entire catalog structure for all the sites on your tenant. You can use this template to add or update master catalogs, sub-catalogs, product types, product attributes and options, images, inventory, and discounts. If you are preparing your initial data import for a new Kibo eCommerce tenant, import contacts before you import products.

As you work with this file, you will enter information about a single product across multiple sheets. Kibo eCommerce uses a combination of IDs, codes, names, and catalog information to make the proper data connections. For example, most sheets require a ProductCode to bind the data the sheet contains to the correct product.

Access the Tools

With the Kibo eCommerce Import-Export Application (2.0) installed and enabled, go to Main > Catalog > Import/Export in Kibo eCommerce Admin.

Supported File Formats

Note: Microsoft Excel limits both total file size and cell size. A single worksheet can contain a maximum of 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns. A single cell can contain up to 32,767 characters.

Template Key

For each sheet, we define each column and describe valid values for the column. Some values are not required for an import, but are required Kibo eCommerce data. For example, you do not have to specify a customer's FirstName every time you modify the customer account, but all customer accounts require a FirstName when they are created. For additional context about the process of building out Kibo eCommerce data, refer to the topics in Guides. If you have questions or concerns specific to your data, please contact your integration partner or Kibo eCommerce Support.

Information Provided for Each Sheet of the Template
Corresponding REST API Resource Every column in a sheet corresponds to a property in the Kibo eCommerce REST API. For each sheet, we provide a link to any API resources that contain properties in the sheet.
Column Name The name of the column in the sheet.
Description A description of the data a column contains.
Valid Values Lists valid values for the column.