Troubleshooting Import Issues

This topic lists some common issues you can run into using the import/export tools:

Import Fails: A Required Field or Tab is Missing

Certain sheets in each template file require other sheets to have data for an import operation to be successful. Also, every sheet in the template files has certain values that are required for an import operation. If your import fails or encounters errors, check that you are including all required sheets and values. Requirements for each template are noted in the individual template topics:

Data is Too Large for the Excel File

Microsoft Excel limits both total file size and cell size. A single worksheet can contain a maximum of 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns. A single cell can contain up to 32,767 characters. If your data exceeds either of these limits, you have two options:

Existing Data is Not Updating as Expected

The Kibo eCommerce Import/Export Tool uses a combination of codes (unique identifiers) and names to map data both between sheets in the template files and to existing data in Kibo eCommerce. Refer to the template file topics for information about which values are used to map data, and ensure those values match across all references to the data object.

HTML Tags Appearing in Content

Unless otherwise specified for a particular field, the Kibo eCommerce Import/Export Tool does not process HTML tags during import/export operations. Be sure to strip these characters before you update data.