Payment Gateways and Payment Types

In Admin, on the System > Settings > Payment Gateways and System > Settings > Payment Types pages, determine how you want to process payments and which checkout options you want to provide shoppers. You should know the following items before configuring this page:

For information on how to configure new payment gateways for third-party payments and gift cards that aren't already supported by eCommerce, see the Payment Extensibility guide and Starter Kit.

Payment Gateways

A payment gateway is used to process credit card transactions. To process credit card transactions on your storefront, you must set up a payment gateway and then assign that gateway to payment types.

Payment gateways are set per card type. This means that you can use separate gateways for different card types. These can be different gateways, or the same gateway with different credentials. Payment gateways and their associated credentials are identified by the nicknames entered on Payment Gateways page.

Note: Payment gateways are assigned to payment types per site. The settings for each site need to be assigned on the Payment Type settings page.

Add a Payment Gateway

  1. Click the Add New Gateway button.
  2. Select a payment gateway provider from the dropdown menu.
  3. Based on the payment gateway selected, enter a nickname and the necessary authentication credentials. The nickname is used to identify that particular set of credentials and payment gateway when enabling payment types.Note:  The Payeezy payment gateway requires additional actions on your part to complete this step.
  4. Click Save to save your Payment Gateway settings.
  5. Click Cancel to return to the Payment Gateways list, or select Settings > Payment Types from the main menu to enable payment types.

Edit a Payment Gateway

  1. On the Payment Gateways page, click the payment gateway to be edited.
  2. Make updates to the nickname or the authentication credentials. All authentication fields must be re-entered; partial updates result in blank fields being saved.
  3. Click Save to save your changes.
  4. Click Cancel to return to the Payment Gateways list.
Note: The payment gateway type cannot be edited. To make a change to the gateway type, add a new payment gateway.

Add the Payeezy Payment Gateway

To obtain the necessary token for the Payeezy payment gateway:

  1. Obtain the following credentials from your Payeezy account:
    • Merchant ID
    • Gateway ID
    • Gateway Password
    • HMAC Key
  2. Contact your Kibo eCommerce representative and provide them with your Payeezy credentials.
  3. Kibo eCommerce will generate a token for use with our system based on your Payeezy credentials.
  4. Enter this token in the appropriate field and proceed with Step 4.

Configure Gateway to Recognize Branded Credit Cards

To add branded credit cards:

  1. On the Payment Gateways page, Select the Payment Settings tab.
  2. Select a payment gateway.
  3. In the empty field below underneath payment gateway, enter the BIN number for the credit card you want your gateway to recognize.
  4. Select Add BIN.

To remove branded credit cards from your payment gateway:

  1. On the payment settings page, select a payment gateway.
  2. Find the number of the credit card you want to remove.
  3. Click the x to the right of that number.

Payment Types

Payment types include credit cards, check by mail, or custom payment integrations such as Visa Checkout or PayPal Express. Payment types are enabled and configured on a per site basis on the Payment Types settings page. The currently selected site is shown below the header at the top of the page.

Credit Cards

Kibo eCommerce currently supports five credit card types as well as one catch-all category:

The Other category is used when a card cannot be identified as one of the five other types of cards. This can happen because of data validation issues (for example, if you import customer cards and label one "americanExpress" instead of "AMEX") or because the card cannot be identified as one of the five accepted types. In that case, if the "Other" type is enabled, unidentified cards will be processed using the gateway associated with the "Other" card type.

Enable a Credit Card

  1. On the Payment Types settings page, enabled each applicable card type.
  2. To the right of the card type, select a payment gateway nickname from the dropdown list.
  3. Specify the Order Processing:
    • Authorize and capture on order placement—The authorization and capture both occur when the order is placed.
    • Authorize on order placement and capture on order shipment—The authorization occurs when the order is placed, but the payment capture occurs when the order is shipped.
Warning: You can select any payment gateway that is configured from the dropdown list, regardless of whether that payment gateway can actually process that credit card type. There is no card type validation on the Payment Types settings page. Be sure to validate that your selected payment gateway can process the card type that has been enabled.

Enable Check by Mail

To enable check by mail payment, enable Accept checks by mail.

Enable Gift Cards

To enable gift card payments:

  1. Navigate to System > Settings > Payment Types.
  2. In the Gift Cards section, select the checkbox under Enable.
  3. In the Payment Gateway drop-down menu, select the payment gateway you want to use to process gift card payments.
    Note: If you do not have a gift card payment gateway set up, Kibo eCommerce does not display the previous two options and instead displays the message "There are no payment types available. Add a Payment Gateway before modifying payment types."
  4. In the Order Processing subsection, indicate whether you want Kibo eCommerce to capture gift card payments on order placement, or authorize gift card payments on order placement and only capture gift card payment when the order is shipped.

Enable Purchase Orders

To enable purchase orders for a specific site, click Enable.

In order for customers to use purchase orders as a payment method, the purchase order payment type must be enabled for each applicable site, as well as each individual customer account. Refer to Purchase Orders for more information.

Enable Custom Payment Integrations

If there are custom payment integrations installed on your Kibo eCommerce site, they appear at the bottom of the Payment Types page and can be enabled and configured there.