Create an Application to Push and Pull Data from Kibo eCommerce

To push and pull data from Kibo eCommerce, your best bet is to create an application. The following steps guide you through the process of creating an application that reads customer account data (which you can then adapt to your specific needs), and provide links to help topics with more details for each step.

  1. Learn What Applications Are Capable Of

    Before you begin, get a primer on the capabilities of applications.

  2. Create an Application in Dev Center and Assign Behaviors

    Now that you have an idea of what applications are all about, create an application record in Dev Center. Application records are your one-stop shop for creating applications, obtaining your application's security credentials, and configuring what behaviors your application is capable of executing. For a primer on creating applications, complete the Application Quickstart.

  3. Code Your Application Using an SDK

    When you are ready to code your application, Kibo eCommerce recommends you use an SDK so that you can program in a familiar language, such as .NET, Java, or Node.js.Tip:  If you click on the .NET, Java, or Node.js SDK topics, you can learn how to create a basic application that reads customer account data. You can then build upon this application to create your own, fully-featured solution.

  4. Leverage the API Reference

    To develop your basic application into a fully-featured solution, review the reference documentation to learn what resources and operations the Kibo eCommerce API provides. For example, if you want your application to create a new category, you would leverage the documentation for the AddCategory operation, which is part of the commerce/catalog/admin/categories resource.

    Tip:  As you add new functionality to your application, don't forget to assign the corresponding behaviors in Dev Center so that your application has the appropriate permissions to perform the desired operations.
  5. Subscribe Your Application to Events

    Learn about event subscription if you want your application to respond to a range of predetermined Kibo eCommerce events.

  6. (Optional) Submit Your Application for Certification

    If you plan to sell your application on the Kibo eCommerce Marketplace, you can set your product apart by having it certified, which designates your application as fully-featured, stable, and secure.

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