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The road to remarkable digital experiences starts here.


Engage and Convert More Shoppers

It’s no accident. Mozu’s storefront capabilities correlate directly to the modern consumer’s wishes.

Mozu is the only cloud commerce platform built after the iPhone® changed consumer behavior forever—and it shows. By presenting customers with a connected digital experience across all contemporary devices and channels, the conscious act of shopping is transformed into the subconscious act of long-term brand loyalty and increased revenue.

connected Digital Experiences
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"We look forward to continue challenging the beauty industry status quo with
Mozu in our corner."


Director of Strategy, Sigma Beauty

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Features to Engage Your Audience

Everything you need to build an intuitive and personalized customer experience.

Any Device, Any Channel, Anytime

Any Device, Any Channel, Anytime

Responsive design: The key to happy developers and customers. Mozu’s robust, responsive theming engine eliminates the time sink of managing separate applications and themes across devices. No matter which device your customers use to shop your site, Mozu’s native adaptive design is the foundation for a quick and effortless experience. We remove the need to involve IT on site changes that should be simple.

  • Hyper theming engine
  • Responsive and adaptive design
  • Instant content updates across devices


Speed Matters

It’s a fact, over 50% of shoppers will ditch a website if it takes longer than four seconds to load. Commerce websites powered by Mozu load faster than those run on other platforms. Extrapolate on that and imagine its impact on your customers’ checkout process. With bounce rates like that, you simply can’t afford to leave customers waiting for your site to finish loading. Faster websites also enjoy higher placement in search results.

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Promoting Your Promotions

Personalized Promotions

Mozu delivers retail’s most advanced promotions engine, which greets customers upon login with personal offers. Now you can present new or returning customers with an unlimited number of discount combinations, influencing them to return and buy again. The positive impact on revenue can’t be overstated.

  • Product promotions
  • Behavior based promotions
  • Target to specific customer segments
  • Unlimited discount types
Orders Tablet

Cart & Checkout

Have you ever attempted to place an order on a retail site and encountered irritating hiccups that drive you to abandon the purchase? Mozu honors the final step in the online transaction with soft carts and one-page checkouts, to maintain the ease of the experience and reduce distractions from the end goal: letting the customer complete their order with ease. Once a customer has eagerly filled their cart with your products, they’re guaranteed a painless checkout experience.

  • Persistent, omni-channel carts
  • Custom cart experiences based on behavior
  • Shopper incentives infused in the checkout process
  • 3rd party payments options
  • Registered and guest checkout options
Empowered Marketers


Sigma Beauty launches a responsive site on Mozu, allowing sales, conversions and
retention to flourish like never before.