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Marketing Teams

Mozu was built with marketers in mind. Using Mozu’s built-in tools, marketers can easily adjust their planning and propositions through new promotions and features—without troubling their already overburdened IT colleagues.

  • Centrally managed content, catalog and brands, across sites and locations
  • Rapid deployment of new sites and brands
  • Real-time site updates
  • Fully customizable sites—without IT intervention
  • Advanced promotions engine
  • Responsive theming engine eliminates the need to manage separate apps or themes
connected Digital Experiences
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"Migrating from our homegrown platform to Mozu has given
Jelly Belly the power to drive growth much faster than we could on our own."


Director of eBusiness, Jelly Belly

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Features to Engage Your Audience

Connect with your customers using the most intuitive and powerful commerce platform available

Total Customer Management

Total Customer Management

Access a single, unified view of your customers. Imagine what your team can pull off with quick, simplified access to accounts that store registration info, addresses, purchase history and other vital attributes. Throttle the engine of your marketing outreach with Mozu solutions that incorporate easy segmentation for targeted marketing, discounts and reporting—all in one place.

  • Segment customers by any number of attributes
  • View order history and wish lists
  • Manage addresses and payment information
  • Total CSR management
Smart Product Management

Smart Product Management

Mozu’s master catalogs include all of the products you sell regardless of where you sell, how you sell them and which channel you sell through. Like a vast, precisely organized, virtual warehouse, the master catalog houses all products across all stores, both online and off. Effortlessly upload images, define categories and attributes, and even optimize content for better search engine results. Marketers can handily track all kinds of significant info, including inventory.

  • Multiple store catalogs
  • Physical and digital products
  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited attributes
  • Bundles and components
Intelligent Search Capabilities

Successful Post-Order Customer Experience

Mozu’s built-in order management system makes it easy for your team to manage billing information, order adjustments, payments, shipments, fulfillment, returns and all other post-order activities. Mozu was designed to integrate into any OMS you prefer. Using the Mozu API, you can manage any of the following components of an order:

  • Modify and cancel orders
  • Returns, refunds and exchanges
  • Order and line item adjustments
  • Order-level coupons
  • Payments
  • Packages and shipments
  • Fulfillment information
Personalized Promotions Drive Long-Term Loyalty

Personalized Promotions Drive Long-Term Loyalty

Boost engagement, loyalty and sales with unlimited discount and promotion options. With Mozu, merchants can offer product, order and shipping discounts as a flat rate, percent or free item—to all their customers or just a segmented list. A couple of clicks will schedule promotions for, say, a year—in just a few minutes.

  • Product level discounts
  • Order level discounts
  • Bundles and free items
  • Free Shipping
  • Flash Sales
  • Personalized and loyalty discounts
Instantly Launch New Brands and Sites

Instantly Launch New Brands and Sites

Marketers need simple changes to actually be simple. Want to pop in a new hero image on your homepage, customize a banner, or add a video in the middle of a landing page? Mozu’s Site Builder makes updates straightforward with easy drag & drop options from a library of widgets. The fully integrated Mozu CMS allows content updates to be made quickly, in real-time. Marketers on tight schedules can make changes to products or content and publish at will.

  • Real-time changes
  • Site and product updates without IT
  • Site versions can be scheduled to prepare for future launches
High-Level Business Intel Made Easy

High-Level Business Intel Made Easy

Knowledge is power. The more you know about your customers, the more customized your services can be. Mozu’s sales reporting feature delivers trusted insights and reliable data. Strategize with confidence, knowing your sales, orders, discounts and conversion rates for any time frame, and any customer segment. With Mozu, truly comprehensive business intel is fundamental to your success.

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Jelly Belly graduates to Mozu’s cloud commerce platform and experiences unprecedented growth.