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ShipWorks Integration

Order Fulfillment and Shipment

Mozu seamlessly integrates with ShipWorks to confidently and automatically manage ecommerce fulfillment using any carrier.

  • Multi-carrier shipping management
  • Integrated shipping support for all the major shipping carriers
  • Shipping rate & freight charge calculations
  • Automatically calculate shipping rates and freight charges based on order details
  • Automatic tracking number creation
  • Easily manage customer orders with automatic synchronization of tracking numbers
  • Synchronized order information
  • Automatic synchronization of order details between ShipWorks and Mozu

About ShipWorks

Founded in 2000, Interapptive is a software company with offices in St. Louis, Missouri. We focus on providing simple, powerful, and easy to use software solutions for online sellers.

Our ShipWorks software is a multi-carrier shipping tool that integrates with over 40 popular online sales and marketplace systems including eBay, PayPal, Amazon, and Yahoo. The software provides direct support for all major shipping carriers including DHL Global Mail, FedEx, UPS, and USPS. ShipWorks plays an important role in the daily operations and growth of many online businesses in the United States and abroad.

  • Categories: Shipping and Fulfillment

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  • Classification: Integration

    Integrations update Mozu with functionality from a third-party partner.

    Services provide useful tools for your business, but are otherwise not connected to Mozu.

    Widgets enable merchants to drag and drop specialized fuctionality onto storefront pages.

    Accelerators provide a foundation upon which to build an integration or theme.

  • Support Level: Open Source

    Mozu-supported means Mozu develops the application and provides full support for it.

    Open Source means Mozu allows anyone to make edits to the application under the Mozu Open Source Model.

    Partner-supported means a third party provides support for the application. For support details, contact the partner.

  • Certified: No

    Certified applications have been reviewed by Mozu to ensure features are complete, stable, and tuned for optimal performance.

  • Hosted: Yes

    Hosted applications run on the Mozu cloud. If the app is not hosted, you need to run the application on your own server.

Additional Development Requirements

ShipWorks account required.

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