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Open, Innovative Technology

Mozu's modern technology stack gives IT and development teams the edge your business needs to evolve and compete. With full access to the API, there are no limits on what you can do. Enjoy all the customization possibilities with the security of a true, multi-tenant SaaS platform. We know that your developers will love Mozu. Look under the hood

Open, Innovative Technology
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"Mozu helps us empower our customers and drive loyalty with continuous, seamless Bluefly experiences and access to the best designer brands and fashion trends. We believe Mozu is the commerce platform for the future."

Carly Rosenberg

President, Bluefly

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Features to Engage Your Audience

Everything you need to build an intuitive and personalized customer experience.

An All-Access Pass to All-Encompassing API

An All-Access Pass to All-Encompassing API

Cultivating simplicity and liberating time is what we do. That’s why the entire Mozu ecosystem is built around our dynamic REST API. By offering unlimited access to the exact same API used to build Mozu, it’s the most developer-friendly commerce platform in the industry. Developers using Mozu have full access to our API, freeing them to create the next big idea.

  • Simplify integrations with third-party applications
  • Quickly create rich customizations
  • Leverage open-source SDKs and program in the language you prefer
The Reliable Endurance of True, Multitenant SaaS

The Reliable Endurance of True, Multi-tenant SaaS

Mozu’s SaaS platform illustrates a “best of both worlds” scenario. With Mozu SaaS platform, you can expect rapid deployment, simple maintenance, and the regular release of new features—without the common hardware headaches. Mozu’s multi-layer security and 24/7 monitoring replace safety doubts with high-level developer innovation. With 99.9% uptime, you can focus on the urgent or big-picture business at hand.

  • Ensures optimal performance
  • Increases security with 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Guarantee site availability, even during seasonal traffic peaks
The Ideal Developer Creation Space

Personalized Promotions

Mozu delivers retail’s most advanced promotions engine, which greets customers upon login with personal offers. Now you can present new or returning customers with an unlimited number of discount combinations, influencing them to return and buy again. The positive impact on revenue can’t be overstated.

  • Product promotions
  • Behavior based promotions
  • Target to specific customer segments
  • Unlimited discount types
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Breathing Life Into Your Vision

Breathing Life Into Your Vision

You have the idea, you know what you want. What now? Mozu’s Hypr theming engine empowers developers to create your idealized digital experience. With easily mastered, intuitive new elements, off-the-shelf technologies they already understand, and an ability to write the code they prefer, Hypr is a developer’s best friend. Its robust inheritance model gives theme developers control over a store’s appearance, so you can focus on its universal impact.

  • Save time with intuitive tools
  • Eliminate file redundancies
  • Empower developers to rapidly prototype concepts
Limitless, Elegant Server-Side Control

Limitless, Elegant Server-Side Control

Envision the ideal commerce site-building tool. It’s fast with a painless learning curve, yet able to accomplish very complex tasks. That’s Arc.js. With enterprise-grade capabilities and a brisk development cycle, Arc.js allows developers to write server-side JavaScript that infinitely extends and enhances Mozu APIs and storefronts. Arc.js offers tremendous control over the digital experience in a fully managed multi-tenant SaaS environment. Arc.js apps can augment, replace or customize Mozu storefronts and APIs to amplify your brand voice above the white noise of competition.

  • Create highly-customized shopper incentives based on their on-site behavior
  • Manage soft allocations on carts & inventory handling logic to ensure product availability
  • Design custom shopper UIs & Web applications
  • Integrate third-party shipping & logistics providers
  • Customize how Mozu processes orders & returns


What happens when an established, multinational manufacturer joins forces with the industry's most modern
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