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The State of the Digital Union
Almost 70% of adults own smartphones. That’s a massive cultural realignment from our relationship to technology only ten years ago, and it’s transformed the average retail customer’s expectations. With 85% of retailers expecting an increase in 2016 eCommerce revenue, the writing’s on the wall.

Online shopping records were broken just two months ago, as Black Friday and Cyber Monday consumers stormed the Internet. Mozu sites experienced 100% availability, but a few online retailers couldn’t hold their own against the unprecedented traffic. Some endured hours of downtime as their customers bounced to their competitors. How can retailers prepare for the eCommerce explosion?

In their stirring report, The Present & Future of Unified Commerce: Illuminating Top Priorities for Innovative Brands, Boston Retail Partners reveals the answer: unified commerce.

The Challenge
Customer experience is everything. With the proliferation of mobile shopping, your customers wield control over their digital experience. Within two years, 63% of retailers plan to accept Apple Pay®. More options = more control. Meaningful technological innovation in eCommerce is now driven by consumers, not retailers. Operations must be methodized to unify everything retailers control.

Personalization. Mobile optimization. Seamless shopping across all channels. These aren’t just buzzwords. They’re the expectation...and the results of truly unified commerce. Retailers will synthesize everything—customer data, browsing history, purchases, real-time inventory visibility and much more, to achieve the promise of commerce unified.

The Future is Unified
Within five years, 78% of retailers plan to migrate to a unified commerce platform. Unified commerce represents a universal shift in eCommerce practices. Having anticipated the change, Mozu is front and center for this groundbreaking new stage. The Mozu platform’s powerful and infinitely extensible API is absolutely fundamental to eliminating individual silos and delivering a transformed digital experience.

If you haven’t already heard of unified commerce, this report is for you. And if you have, read on for exclusive intel on executing a unified commerce strategy.

The whole Internet is waiting.