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Total Economic Impactof Mozu

As Forrester Consulting develops a full TEI case study and model, a preliminary interview was conducted with an existing Mozu customer. The following highlights are this food and beverage customer’s Mozu experience and preview of the full TEI case study:

Pre-Mozu capacity

5 staff maintained 6 sites prone to breaking

Post-Mozu capacity

3 staff + 2 contractors developed 40 sites for commerce, brand, and content library

“We’ve built 40 sites on Mozu with less staff than when we were just maintaining 6 sites. If we had to build 40 sites on our prior platform, we would need double the staff in 3 to 5 years."
- Director of eBusiness, large food and beverage company

Future goal: 60 sites

That will cover eCommerce, content libraries, and regional brands

3 servers decommisioned

“We picked Mozu because they are API first, with 80% to 90% functionality out-of-box and the ability to build our business rules."
- Director of eBusiness
large food and beverage company

web traffic coming from mobile devices

“We’ve experienced 20% year-over-year growth. 50% of that is attributed to Mozu."
- Director of eBusiness
large food and beverage company
This document is a preview of a case study commissioned by Mozu titled: The Total Economic Impact Of Mozu, which will be available in late 2016. This infographic only showcases the highlights from an interview with one existing Mozu customer. The full study will include a full TEI financial model, calculation details, and full disclosures.

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