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Learn About the Powerful Fusion of Mozu Commerce & Echidna EDGE Accelerator

An intuitive retail website builder has arrived. How will tomorrow’s remarkable retail success stories begin? All the talent and tenacity in the world can’t accomplish even your most meaningful ambitions. Not alone. To fully realize all your commerce objectives, you’ll need the fastest and most cost-effective e-retail implementation solution.

Watch Mozu CTO Jason Wallis and Echidna CTO Adam Roozen, in this webinar as they discuss the extraordinary retail website development capabilities resulting from the synthesis of Mozu’s cloud commerce platform with Echidna’s EDGE Accelerator.

During this video, they’ll cover:

  • How this union of API power and graceful implementation can impact your business
  • TCO & replatforming advantages for retailers using Mozu with the EDGE
  • The new speed of site and promotion launches
  • Retailer Sigma Beauty's success working with Mozu and Echidna

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